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Focused on solving communication challenges and training leaders.

Buren Research & Communications takes a comprehensive approach to communcations, offering expertise ranging from public opinion research and strategy to coaching and media training.


Communications is a transportation business. You want to move your audience from point A to point B. Only once you locate point A, can you determine the most effective way to take them on that journey with you to point B. We help corporate, non-profit, and political clients understand the current mindset of their target audience, define their message, and refine their delivery. 

Meagan Buren
President & CEO

Buren has worked to establish messaging strategies for Fortune 100 companies and has publicly shared research findings with thousands. Her work as a speech coach & media trainer has helped ambassadors, politicians, business and community leaders to effectively communicate. A highly skilled moderator, she is experienced in both traditional qualitative research, live-dial technology and polling.

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