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"With Meagan, you get a whip-smart guru who produces robust communications strategies that deliver paradigm-changing results."

Ruth Milligan



When I need a communication partner who understands high level message structure, presentation training, media preparedness, speaker coaching or any other number of communication strategy needs - I go to Meagan first. She understands how audiences interpret and resonate messages and how to get the best out of any communicator for the highest value return. I’m lucky she moved back to Ohio!”

Eli Ovitz

Executive Vice President


JerusalemU highly recommends Buren Research & Communications for any business or organization focused on improving its research. JerusalemU greatly benefited from Buren's services, including a better understanding of the organization's communication challenges and improving its ability to reach organizational goals. After receiving Buren's services, JerusalemU was better able to tackle issues regarding public relations and strategy. Meagan Buren, President of Buren Research and Communications, is energetic, enthusiastic and committed to her work.

Jon Milenthal



Meagan provided a high level of professionalism and sound marketing insights for our energy project. She was a great person to have on our team, and her qualitative research results have guided our messaging and outreach strategies significantly.


Foundation Consultant

One of my clients was preparing to spend a significant amount towards launching a new civil rights communication campaign. The decision to invest first in public opinion research with Buren Research & Communications proved invaluable. The firm provided expert analysis of diverse target audiences and developed engaging narratives to communicate effectively with them. While many people had been speaking about the issue for years without moving the needle, Meagan uncovered a new paradigm to finally win hearts and minds, demonstrating success via a national polling effort. Meagan then presented the proven narrative to key spokespeople and trained them to be ready for prime-time media appearances. With Meagan, you get a whip-smart guru who produces robust communications strategies that deliver paradigm-changing results.

Laura Kam


Kam Global Strategies

I have worked with Meagan on many domestic and international research projects during the past decade including numerous focus groups and polls.  She is truly an expert in her field, gets the job done and analyzes the results intellectually and practically, giving her clients a clear roadmap of how to move forward in both campaigns and projects. An excellent presenter herself, she has trained high level speakers from many walks of life in how to utilize best messages. Meagan Buren is a sophisticated and experienced communications pro of the first order.

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