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Practice Areas
  • Speaker Coaching

  • Media & Message Training

  • Polling 

  • Focus Groups

  • In-Depth Interviews

  • Strategic Communication Consulting

Coaching & Training 

Knowing what to say is only half the battle. Ensuring that executives and media messengers also have the tools to effectively communicate with a range of audiences is key to successful communications. Whether clients need to fine-tune skills before a big presentation or prep for a tough interview in a crisis, Buren Research & Communications can develop coaching and training sessions that are customized to your needs and experience level. Available for individuals and small groups.

Public Opinion Research 

There is no better way to determine what your target audience knows, thinks, and feels than to ask them. Public opinion research allows you to do just that. Qualitative research (focus groups and in-depth interviews) provides the opportunity to hear not only what they think, but to ask the all important question -- "why" -- that explains what is behind those views. Polling is used to confirm or refute qualitative findings with a larger statistically significant sample and to refine messaging. Buren Research & Communications goes beyond research that gives clients a temperature read that tells you where opinions stand today. We work to determine what are the words, images, phrases, and concepts that move people on your issues.

Strategic Communications 

Once you know what to say and how to say it, we can help you to amplify the right messages as broadly as possible. We will find answers to your key questions. Where can you find your best earned media opportunities? When should you pay for media? Who are the partners that share your interests and can sing from the same songsheet on your issues? Buren Research & Communications can work with you and your team to leverage your communication dollars, dominate the dominant media, and reach out more effectively on social media.

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